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  1. Haters gonna Hate

    I hear this all the time. "I'm not a fan of these radios." (referring to Digital Radios)

    Well, truth be told, I was never a fan of digital radios either. All my career I used analog radios, usually the Motorola CP200 or something equivalent. They were reliable, simple, easy and served a purpose. If you want to talk to someone immediately who is out of earshot, that's a good use for analog radios. We would put Carps on channel 1, Sound on channel 2, Lighting on channel 3, Management ...
  2. "Follow" type Cue on CL

    This is an example of how the follow cues could be used in a show.
    All Band channels are unsafed, and all radio mics are safed. Scene 1 is the start of the song, and the band channels recall to their saved settings. I didn't do this in the demo, but the Radio Mic settings could be recalled from a cue in YammieQ that's fired when triggered by Scene 1 being recalled. Right now they are safed even on Scene 1.
    Since there's no UDK buttons on the editor, I use the channel 8 "select" key ...

    Updated 12-25-2015 at 07:58 PM by Andy

  3. Dual Cue Buss emulation on Yamaha Mixers

    This demo shows YammieQ changing the output routing of the Cue Buss based on which mix (or channel) is being cued up. The demo shows a QL console, but this will work on any Yamaha mixer.

    In this example, the Cue wedge is connected to Omni14, and the Cue IEMs are connected to Omni 15/16. The first 3 mixes (named Wedge1-3) are wedge mixes, and the next 3 mixes (named IEM1-3) are IEM mixes.
    As you cue the mixes, the appropriate output on the console (Cue wedge or Cue IEM) is selected. ...
  4. "POP Group" Emulation on Yamaha consoles

    Demo of using YammieQ to create Midas-style POP groups on Yamaha consoles. Will only work for consoles that have custom fader layers, unfortunately.
    First example is for the LS9. I was using the computer keyboard keys 1,2,3,4 to show the Drums, Bass, Guitars and Vocal channels respectively. Instead of the keys 1-4 you could use most anything - a UDK on the console, cueing a particlar channel or mix, or whatever.


    Updated 11-15-2015 at 07:58 PM by Andy

  5. DiGiCo "T" (Theater) Alias function on Yamaha

    Here's my initial attempt at recreating the DiGiCo "T" software extension on the Yamaha. Example shows LS9 but it should work on any Yamaha digital.
    My apologies about the terrible sound quality. As a soundman, I should be embarrassed! I'll see if I can get an external soundcard for my future vids!

    Updated 11-15-2015 at 07:48 PM by Andy

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